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Notice of Annual Meeting

The 2017 Annual Stockholders Social Hour and Meeting will be November 18th. Click here to view the meeting notice and for information about the social hour.


Click here to view our April 2017 newsletter.

Election of Officers and Directors, 2016-2017

Election of officers and directors for 2016-2017 will be held during the Annual Stockholders Meeting in November (date to be determined). See the Nominating Committee Report below.

Retiring from the board are President Scott Hammer and two directors - Toni Buck and Bill Mosher. Directors Jason Taylor and Connie Johnson resigned from the board earlier this year.

Remaining on the board for their second or third year are Donna Moore, Trish Mickley, Craig Hagel, Karen Wiersema and Tom Fortune.

Notice of Nomination

Slate of Officers for 2016-2017
The following list of names is placed in nomination for the Board of Directors of Prophet Hills Country Club for the year 2016-2017:

  • President - Myron Hofmeister (one-year term)
  • Vice President - Scott Hammer (one-year term)
  • Directors:
    • Charlotte Dumbauld (three-year term)
    • Dave Morris (three-year term)
    • Larry Verhulst (three-year term)
    • Tony Mickley (one-year term)

Nominating Committee

  • Mike Lawrence, Chairman
  • Jim Calderone
  • Tim Smtih
  • Gordon Francis
  • Roger Workman

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